Update Poly Studio X50: Poly OS 4.0.1 (2023)


Studio X50

Update Poly Studio X50: Poly OS 4.0.1 (2)Update from:
alex-devicebase (expert)


  • Platform Update to Android 10

Bug fixes

  • Workflow Server Calendar Information Fix
  • Update to Poly Support Site Download URL
  • Audio EN-237717 On Studio X50 and Studio X70 systems, certain rooms cause audio reverberation resulting in an echo being heard by the far end.
  • Audio EN-237177 On a G7500 system with a connected IP microphone a humming noise is heard when NoiseBlockAI is disabled.
  • Camera EN-241022 On a G7500 system in Zoom mode with connected E70 camera, the
  • camera freezes or disconnects when switching from any tracking mode to manual mode.
  • Camera EN-239914 On a G7500 system in Zoom mode with two connected E70 cameras, one of the E70 cameras will flicker on and off.
  • Camera EN-240934 On a Studio X30 device in Zoom mode, camera tracking stops working.
  • Camera EN-240456 On a G7500 system, microphones disconnect when a Studio E70 is connected.
  • Camera EN-234182 On a Studio X50 system, a camera orientation change made in the web interface does not take effect.
  • Camera EN-233998 On a Studio G7500 or Studio X Family system in Device Mode with a connected Studio E70 camera, you can’t toggle camera tracking on after saving a preset on the TC8 touch controller.
  • Device Management EN-239978 After updating to VideoOS 4.0.0, on a Studio X70 system, the camera is not selectable.
  • Device Management EN-239977 After updating to VideoOS 4.0.0, your system cannot connect to Poly Workflow Suite (formerly Workflow Server) running on Microsoft Windows Server to retrieve calendar information.
  • Device Management EN-239876 A Studio X30 device in Teams mode does not pair with a TC8 touch controller.
  • Device Management EN-238159 A Studio X system with a connected TC8 touch controller does not show content when Miracasting to a device.
  • Device Management EN-236255 On a G7500 system, not all audio/video playback options are listed and selectable.
  • Device Management EN-238042 A Studio X system in Zoom mode does not auto-update within the specified maintenance time.
  • Device Management EN-238041 A Studio X50 system unexpectedly shuts down during a call.
  • Device Management EN-235448 On a Studio X system in Zoom mode, user receives an error “Connecting to network. Please check your network connection.”
  • Device Management EN-234772 On a G7500 system, an Answer/Ignore option does not appear on a call after a TC8 touch controller is unpaired.
  • Device Management EN-234494 A Studio X system freezes when it is switched to Device Mode.
  • Device Management EN-228459 Poly Lens does not download log files for the TC8 touch controller.Interoperability EN-238181 The CLI API command ‘vcbutton play’ stops working after content snatch in point-to-point calls.
  • Interoperability EN-237862 The Studio X50 system fails to report hardware status over SNMP polling.Peripherals EN-240617 On a G7500 system in Zoom mode, after upgrade to VideoOS 4.0.0, Huddy IQ cameras stop working.
  • Peripherals EN-240613 On a G7500 system with two connected monitors, the first monitor does not respond to a remote control.
  • Peripherals EN-239923 On a G7500 system with an E70 camera connected using a USB extender in Zoom mode, connection is lost to the camera.
  • Peripherals EN-238601 On a Studio X50 device in Teams mode, Appspace stops displaying content.
  • Peripherals EN-237343 On a G7500 with a connected TC8 Touch Controller and third-party peripherals communicating over CLI API, HDMI content sharing status may not be shown correctly.
  • Peripherals EN-236325 On a G7500 system in Device Mode connected to a PC and an Extron USB switcher, the system does not power on if the PC has shutdown.
  • Provisioning EN-238492 On a G7500 system, the PAC file fails to download correctly.
  • Provisioning EN-240615 On a G7500 system with a Studio X device, the DigiCert root certificate shows as expired.

Open issues

  • Audio EN-212975 During a call on a Poly Studio X70 system with a Poly Trio C60 phone paired as an audio device, the far end may hear audio clipping. None.
  • Audio EN-119155 Downloading logs during a call temporarily disconnects the Poly Microphone IP adapter, resulting in a loss of audio on the far end. Download logs outside of a call.
  • Camera EN-237005 After updating to 4.0.0, on a G7500 system with a connected Studio E70, video latency shows after the system is left idle. Restart the system.
  • Camera EN-236657 Selecting Disable All USB Ports on the Studio X70 system disconnects the camera. None.
  • Camera EN-234538 On a G7500 or Studio X system with a connected EagleEye IV USB camera, the system doesn’t default to Preset 1 after a restart. None.
  • Camera EN-234479 On a G7500 system with three USBconnected Studio E70 cameras powered by G7500 LLN ports, one or more Studio E70 cameras may not properly connect to the video conferencing system after restart. Restart the system.
  • Camera EN-227999 On a G7500 or Studio X50 system, when you unplug the current people camera, the HDMI input set as People becomes the primary camera and takes priority over the built-in camera. Log in to the system web interface and ange the people camera to the preferred connected camera.
  • Configuration EN-191539 If you don’t select the country during initial system setup, any subsequent changes to the camera Power Frequency don’t change the setting. Select the country in the system web interface.
  • Device Management EN-240753 On a Studio X system in Teams mode with a connected TC8 touch controller, the system may show as offline in Teams admin center and unpair with the controller. Power cycle the device.
  • Device Management EN-236658 Selecting Disable All USB Ports causes the system to restart. None.
  • Device Management EN-236430 On a Studio X70 systems in Device Mode, HDMI video may flicker and eventually freeze. Restart the system.
  • Device Management EN-226868 On Studio X70 systems, HDMI 1 output may display a blank screen during a pinhole factory reset.Temporarily move the HDMI cable to the HDMI 2 output or use the system web interface to monitor factory reset progress.
  • Device Management EN-225374 On a Studio X70 system in sleep mode, logs for the built-in camera may not be included in the Studio X70 log file.Before collecting system logs, wake the system.
  • Device Management EN-213422 While factory restoring a Studio X70 system, the system LEDs only glow white. The LEDs don’t glow amber or yellow. Do one of the following:• Use the glowing white light to monitor the factory restore process. Initiate and monitor the factory restore from the system web interface.
  • Device Management EN-178323 Entering Device Mode unregisters the gatekeeper and SIP registrar server on Studio X30. Exit Device Mode.
  • Partner Application EN-238687 On a Studio X30 and Studio X50 with a paired TC8 touch controller, the system updates to VideoOS 4.0.0 but Teams admin center shows the update as failed. None.
  • Partner Application EN-234584 On a Studio X50 system, when HDMI content is shared from Teams desktop app a green bar appears on the right of the screen. None.
  • Partner Application EN-238006 On a system in Zoom Rooms mode, after the updating the system to VideoOS 4.0.0, camera tracking doesn’t work.Restart the system.
  • Partner Application EN-237349 On a Studio X30 system in Zoom mode, hot plugging a content source may cause the camera to stop working.Restart the system.
  • Partner Application EN-236590 On a G7500 system with a connected Studio E70 camera, starting Zoom Smart Gallery may result in a black screen for three to four seconds.Restart the system.
  • Partner Application EN-235202 On Studio X50 systems in Teams mode, number keys don’t work on the sign-in screen.Do one of the following:• Select the Email, phone or username field to make the keys functional.Select the back arrow to the main screen before going back to the signin screen.
  • Partner Application EN-233628 On a Studio X70 system in Zoom mode, the built-in camera may become unavailable. Zoom Rooms reports No source available and the system web interface reports the camera is disconnected.• Using the system web interface, restart the Studio X70 system.
  • Partner Application EN-233295 On a Studio X70 system with a connected Studio E70 camera in Zoom mode, switching the Studio E70 camera and enabling Smart Gallery may result in the system defaulting back to the built-in camera.Use one of the other available tracking modes including, manual, speaker focus, or auto-framing.
  • Partner Application EN-202446 On Studio X systems in Teams mode, the PAC file instruction isn’t properly utilized to bypass the proxy.• Use the(dnsDomainIs(host, "local.example.com")function instead of an IP based (isInNet(dnsResolve(host), "ip_address", "IP_address_pattern_mask") function.
  • Partner Application EN-237917 On a G7500 or Studio X system in Teams Rooms mode with a sleep time configured, the system enters sleep mode during a Teams Rooms whiteboard session or while sharing HDMI content.Adjust the sleep timer on the system.
  • Peripherals EN-238525 On a G7500 system your device doesn’t connect using Miracast.Restart the system and wireless connection.
  • Peripherals EN-237543 On a Studio X50 system with a connected Trio C60, if you attempt to the update the system with a USB drive, the system doesn’t update.Unpair the Trio C60 and then update the system using the USB drive, After the update, pair the Trio C60 back to the system.
  • Peripherals EN-234918 When using a TC10 device in Standalone Mode, the Download Updates field appears blank under Settings > Update.None.
  • Peripherals EN-234766 When using a TC10 device in Standalone Mode, leaving the custom URL field blank and selecting Check for Updates points to new software available at the default URL.None.
  • Peripherals EN-222757 On a system connected to a Biamp TesiraForte AVG VT4 with an EXT-UBT expander, audio latency may occur during a call.None.
  • Peripherals EN-210589 When using a Studio X70 system, adjusting a secondary USB camera with a Poly Bluetooth remote control causes the system to crash.Use a paired TC8 to adjust the camera.
  • Peripherals EN-182043 When using a Studio X50 system in Poly Video Mode, you can’t see incoming call notifications on TC8 when the TC8 devicedisplays the Camera or Settings screen.When the front of room monitor displays the active call message, close the Camera or Settings screens to answer the call.
  • Provisioning EN-238094 In RealPresence Resource Manager, web proxy settings are not being sent to the server from the system.Restart the system.
  • Provisioning EN-226934 In RealPresence Resource Manager, Poly Studio X systems are showing as offline.Update RealPresence Resource Manager to 10.11.
  • Provisioning EN-225752 The server sends an error message "Provisioning failed. There was a problem communicating with the server."Check the configuration file for an invisible character breaking XML syntax rules.
  • Provisioning EN-132148 In RealPresence Resource Manager, you can't provision the exchange.meeting.reminderIntervalparameter using these permitted configuration values: None, 1, 5, 10, 15, or 30.Configure this feature using the Meeting Reminder Time in Minutessetting in the system web interface.
  • Video EN-238554 On Studio X30 systems in Device Mode the video freezes.Exit and then re-enter Device Mode.
  • Video EN-235419 On a Studio X50 or Studio X30 system, when someone speaks at the far end of a room, Speaker Mode reframes to show the entire group.Use Group Framing.
  • Video EN-235018 On a Studio X system in Poly Video mode, the system reports content is available when no content source is connected.Connect a content source and share content. After disconnecting the content source, the system no longer reports content is availabl
  • Video EN-234059 On a G7500 system with a connected USB camera, the Home screen PIP video preview may freeze when the system is idle for an extended period of time.Restart the system.
  • Video EN-226889 On a Studio X50 or Studio X30 system, Presenter Tracking may take up to two minutes to frame the active speaker.Do one of the following:• If there is only one participant in the room, use People Framing (Preview) or Group Framing.Disable tracking and use manual camera controls

Important notes

  • Downgrading to previous VideoOS versions is not supported. Once you update your system to VideoOS 4.0.0 or 4.0.1, you cannot downgrade to VideoOS 3.x versions. However, you can downgrade from VideoOS 4.0.1 to VideoOS 4.0.0.
  • Your system must be running VideoOS 3.14.1 or later before updating to VideoOS 4.0.1. If your system is running software earlier than VideoOS 3.14.1, you must first update your system to VideoOS 3.14.1 or later.
  • Upgrading to VideoOS 4.0.1 without first upgrading to 3.14.1 or 3.14.2 is an untested and unsupported upgrade path that may result in your system not functioning correctly.
  • Update and downgrade restrictions don’t apply to peripherals.
  • After updating to VideoOS 4.0.1, Poly recommends that you restart your Studio X70 or Studio E70 if the camera isn’t working correctly.

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